It is our intention to operate the pool safely and in compliance with Health Department guidelines and mandates. Modifications to the schedule and admission procedures (including capacity limits) may be necessary to comply with social distancing requirements.


  • Swim only in the pool sections where a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Children 9 years and younger must be accompanied by a responsible person age 14 years or older.
  • Weak or non-swimmers are to remain in shallow, shoulder height water.
  • Proper swim attire is required. No disposable diapers in the pool or sprayground.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry or removed from the premises.
  • Horseplay (running, shoving, dunking, etc.) and profanity are not permitted.
  • Persons with infectious diseases, open sores, or recently with diarrhea are not permitted in the pools or sprayground.
  • Failure to obey rules or instructions, misuse of equipment or dangerous acts may be cause for removal.
  • Swimmers may be asked to demonstrate their swimming ability to determine if they are able to use designated areas of the pools
  • Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing any additional rules that, in their judgment, will help maintain a safe pool for your use and pleasure.
  • Pool water is not meant for drinking.
  • Wash hands after using the restroom or changing diapers.
  • Take regular restroom breaks. Change diapers only in restroom.
  • Enter water feet first, no diving in shallow water
  • Non-resident guests must accompany Resident or Pass holder
  • Proof of Residency (ID) REQUIRED
  • Swim Diapers are required for diaper-age children.
  • Flotation Devices:  Restricted to Coast Guard-approved life jackets (available in guard office), at the discretion of pool administration: Swim suit or jackets with flotation devices that do not rely on inflation
  • An (adult 18 & over) is to be in the water and with the child using a flotation device – ratio: one adult per child.
  • Balls are restricted to designated areas.
  • Camera use requires management approval.  Do not use cell phones in changing areas
  • The City of Avon is not responsible for anything lost or stolen – please lock up all your belongings.
  • Family changing and restrooms are provided for parents with opposite gender children. Children must be accompanied by adult.
  • Rest periods: Adults may swim after safety check.


  • Permitted in designated eating areas ONLY.  No food or drinks on the decks.
  • No gum, glass containers or alcoholic beverages; No coolers unless approved by management. Food may not be ordered/delivered from outside vendors – please eat in park area.  No smoking inside pool gates or within 25 feet of entrances/admission areas


  • Always check to see if landing area is clear before entering the slide.
  • Only one user shall be on the platform at any time.
  • Follow instructions of the flume attendant.
  • Parental or adult supervision recommended.  Parents may NOT catch children.
  • Do not use slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, stopping or changing position.
  • Only one person at a time.  Forming “chains” is prohibited.
  • Keep both hands & feet inside the flume at all times.
  • No diving from the flume.
  • Slide lying flat on back, feet and arms crossed, feet first only.
  • Exit splash-down area immediately.
  • Do not cross in front of other slide.
  • Pregnant women or patrons with neck, back or medical conditions deemed dangerous should not use slides.
  • Life jackets, glasses, goggles, masks, snorkels, etc. may not be worn on slides.
  • Must be 48” tall to use main slides.  Non-swimmers not permitted.
  • Family slide rules abide by manufacturers recommendation regarding slide position and number of riders permitted at a time and height restrictions of rider.


  • Mount the board by using the ladder only.
  • Only one person permitted on the board at one time.
  • Only one bounce is permitted on the board.
  • No running on the diving board.
  • Fulcrum is locked in the forward position.
  • Jump or dive straight forward off the board.  No angular or “to the side” takeoffs.
  • No competitive or acrobatic dives.
  • Wait for the area to clear before take-off.
  • Patrons may not catch younger children who are jumping off the board.
  • No non-swimmers may jump off the board.  A swim test may be required.
  • Patron must exit the pool at the nearest ladder or sidewall.
  • Do not cross in front of another diving board.
  • Masks, goggles, or glasses may not be worn while using the diving board.


  • One person at a time
  • Slippery never leap from floatable to floatable
  • No diving
  • Not for persons with limited physical conditions
  • Not for unsupervised small children
  • Non-swimmers-Stay in a water depth below your shoulders
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