A Community Initiative to Promote Free Fitness for All

Avon Fitness Court

7-Minute Workouts

The Avon Fitness Court is a freely accessible, multi-station bodyweight circuit training venue open to the public and designed for adults of all ages and ability levels.

This beautiful, outdoor Fitness Court engages users with a functional training system that provides a full-body workout.

With more than 30 pieces of bodyweight equipment, the Fitness Court can be used in thousands of ways and provides both guided routines and freestyle exercise opportunities.

The Fitness Court Stations

Become a Sponsor

With your support, the Avon Fitness court will provide our community with a modern innovative no-fee outdoor workout facility.

Bodyweight Training Wall prominently features your organization name and identity.

As A Sponsor of the Fitness Court Your Organization Receives:

  • Recognition

    Be recognized by the local community as a leader and champion of affordable health and wellness.

  • Exposure

    Receive great exposure through social media campaigns, web materials and press releases.

  • Visibility

    Give the gift of fitness and reflect your values in one of the city’s most visible public spaces.

  • Opportunities

    Fitness Court sponsors will be able to conduct public events at the venue.


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Avon Fitness Court News

Free Outdoor Fitness Court Opens In Avon

The city is partnering with the National Fitness Campaign to install a state-of-the-art outdoor gym for all ages.

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