We would like to invite all Avon residents and families that were previous membership holders to RENEW ONLINE NOW!

A special renewal rate will be available until June 19th.

Key Fobs: If you currently have key fob(s) they can be used with your 2021 membership(s).  If you need new or additional key fobs please email us at parksinfo@cityofavon.com with your family name and first names of those needing a key fob.  Your fob will be ready for pickup at your first visit to the pool.

New Memberships and ITW’s (non-residents who work in Avon) are available for in-person purchase at the Avon Parks & Recreation Department, located at 35001 Schwartz Rd.

New Pass Purchases — Required at time of purchase:

  • Proof of Residency:  ID & utility bill

  • Proof of Employment in Avon:  Current pay stub & ID

  • Proof of Household:  Birth certificate, report card

Feel free to call with questions (440) 937-6106.

(Revised 6/18/2021)

All ITW passes must be purchased or renewed at the Avon Parks & Recreation office located at 35001 Schwartz Road. The office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm. Current proof of employment (recent pay stub) must be provided. Additional members on the pass are limited to immediate family members only. (i.e., spouse and children under 18 years of age). Proof of household will be required. In order to proof household, the following documents will be required ID, utility bill, report card, birth certificate, etc. (please note: additional documents may be required based on information provided).

  • Any ITW under the age of 18 may only purchase a single membership
  • Privileges to bring in guests will be restricted to Adult ITW’s only. Any ITW members that are under the age of 18 may not bring in a guest. (effective: 6/18/2021)
  • Adult Pass Holders are responsible for their guests while visiting the Avon Aquatic Facility. They must comply with Facility rules and regulations. Misbehavior of guests and/or pass holders is grounds for revocation of guest privileges and/or membership to the Avon Aquatic Facility


RENEW YOUR 2021 POOL PASS online using our new and improved renewal program!


You can PURCHASE A NEW 2021 POOL PASS now by visiting the Parks & Recreation Office!


  • Proof of Residency (driver’s license, utility bill or renter’s agreement, etc.)
  • Proof of Household (birth certificate, report card, etc.)
  • Income Taxed Workers:  Bring an ID and proof of employment within the City of Avon

The Recreation Office is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

After 6/8, Pass Sales for residents will be available at the POOL ONLY.

Pool Office Phone:  (440) 934-7633

**ITW pass purchases can only be made through the Avon Parks & Recreation Office

Avon Parks & Recreation Office
35001 Schwartz Rd.
Avon, OH 44011
(440) 937-6106


CALL (440) 937-6106